Top 3 Ws of Online Slots Play for Real Money in Canada

Welcome to the thrilling world of slots! Before you dive head first into the rewards-laden adventures, let’s take a moment to ensure you’ll acquire the proper skills and knowledge to land yourself some sparkling treats of your own.

To kick things off, we’ll let you in on a little trade secret: canadian online slots pay better than the fruit machines you find in brick-and-mortar casinos. If the age of digitalization has been marvelous so far, just wait and see how much online casino enthusiasts really have to benefit from the inevitable clash between the online and one of history’s oldest forms of entertainment. 


What are Real Money Online Slots?

Slots (coin machines, fruit machines, pokies, venders) come in many names, shapes and forms, but whatever is not a physical machine is consequently referred to as “online slot” (regardless of the sub-category one might find itself into). Easy – so far, so good. However, even if online slots can be divided into multiple categories based on design, mechanics, payout system, etc., the most important feature has to be if it rewards the players. And if it does, the next logical question would be: “With what?”.

If you really liked Candy Crush, but got tired of sweets in time and you went looking for different themes, then any free-to-play online slot delivers almost the same mechanics. Symbols fall in a certain order and there you go – you have a same-symbol combination accompanied by graphics and a soundtrack/short jingle to announce the feat. Then, you go again. Some slots have mini-games that take you to other areas of the software which are slightly more interactive. Other games have crossed over into full-fledged first-person shooters, even! But no matter the entertainment value they may offer, demo/free-to-play slots offer just that.

Real money slots differ in one key aspect: they deliver the goods AND the greens! Provided you land yourself a juicy, lucky combination, that is. Even though we playfully compared the hugely popular social media game with slots, make no mistake – gambling is serious business and is not to be taken lightly.

If anything, demo slots are best used to gauge Return to Player, Volatility, Pay Lines, and other technical aspects of the software, aside from any other eye candy.  


How do Online Slots Work?

Online slots work no different than real-life coin machines and at the same time, they do. Both have reels that spin, allowing for lucky combinations that reward players according to a predetermined scheme of paylines. Both require real money to play and can set you up with a pretty hefty payday, based on your luck.

The biggest difference between the two is that slot machines one would find at a land-based venue offer RTP anywhere between 70% and 90%, while online slots are considered bad if they drop below the 94% mark, in general. So, hurray for heavy regularization!

Volatility is another mathematical aspect to watch out for when consulting the game sheet. As opposed to the Return To Player index (that shows you what percentage of the total wagers placed by players over time is returned to you in the form of wins), volatility expresses the behavior of the slot (small rewards dished out more often or big hits, but fewer in between).

Also, in terms of variety, online slots are in a league of their own. Apart from the plethora of digital adventures that already sprinkle the web, new titles pop up on the regular. You don’t like this month’s latest 3-reel classic? No worries, there are tons of other fresh releases to check out. Which brings us to the next point – the many faces of online slots.


There are:

  • 3-reel slots – the pioneering slot machine, a classic variant with up to 50 paylines that delivers the most authentic pokie experience of the early days;
  • 5-reel slots – the next level of slot play that offers thousands of paylines. Graphics and second-screen bonuses have also made their debut with these machines;
  • Progressive slots – it’s where everybody contributes to a huge Jackpot while playing the same game (across a network of machines or casinos), but only one lucky winner gets to enjoy the spoils. Once this happens, the Jackpot starts building up again.
  • Mega spin slots – for players that can’t decide between their favorite adventures. These allow you to play multiple games within the same screen and some come with progressive features.
  • Mobile slots – designed solely for smartphones for people always on the go.

Of course, within these categories, there are thousands of games. Some are standalone titles, others have prequels, sequels, or entire stories built around the characters they portray. Have a look around and pick yours!

Where to play the best Online Slots?

Because of the fierce competition, online casinos (well-established or just taking off) simply need to offer a base of sought-after-games. Otherwise, they slip into oblivion due to their lackluster casino offering.

With that being said, we won’t necessarily bash one casino for coming up short in this aspect, but we’ll focus more on what you need to keep an eye out when deciding to play at one.

Competition among slot providers is as fierce as between online casinos. When you find yourself scrolling through a collection of titles, pay special attention to:

  • Microgaming slots – one of the industry’s leading software providers, found in almost all online casinos’ portfolio. Some notable titles include the hugely popular and rewarding Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance and Book of Atem, but the list could go on and on.
  • NetEnt – yet another premium casino  supplier of thrilling pokies with a market experience of over two decades. Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest will remain timeless successes for the Swedish provider.
  • Quickspin – ironically, this one is in no hurry to roll out titles, given it averages 13 new games per year. However, all the time that doesn’t go into hurrying it along goes into the small details that landed this provider on the big player’s map.
  • Evolution Gaming – because there HAD to be provider that deals exclusively in Live Dealer titles (pun intended). The main focus of this provider is top-notch classic table games, live game shows and everything else associated with emulating the real feel of a brick-and-mortar casino experience.

Now that you know what online slots are, how they work and where to find the best ones, make sure to double check any aspect with the game sheet before you decide to start playing. Your wallet will thank you for that extra step towards a more fulfilling and entertaining overall experience.