How Nova Scotia Tackles Online Casinos and Slots

How Nova Scotia Tackles Online Casinos and Slots


Nova Scotia is abundant with casinos – both online and land-based establishments. So, even though you can’t make it to the Sydney or Halifax brick-and-mortar venues, there are still plenty of options to choose from while benefiting from a safe environment. One question remains, though. How legal is it to play at anything other than government-held ventures?


While Canada’s gambling regularization approach might prove a bit confusing given the government is taking on a decentralized approach, the major detail in all of this is easy to understand. That is even though officials tend to breeze by this critical piece of information.

It is NOT illegal to play at offshore casinos within Nova Scotia’s borders. It’s just not recommended, as locals doing so will not benefit from their government’s legal backing.

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) is the province’s regulatory body AND a Crown corporation conducting operations and enforcing regulation under the Gaming Control Act. As an “in-house” operator, ultimately the Nova Scotia government representatives as well as citizens act as the province’s gambling industry “shareholders”.

NSGC’s main role is to ensure fairness and transparency across all gambling activities within Nova Scotia’s borders while also focusing on generating profits through the only two proprietary land-based gaming establishments – Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia. Much like its counterparts, Nova Scotia pledges its revenue to the people with a secondary focus on furthering responsible gaming campaigns and programs as well as upkeeping the economical sustainability of the gaming industry.  

Ease of Access & Diversity

You’ve already heard the good news: wherever you decide to play at, more power and good luck to you! It is not mandatory for regulatory bodies to own casino operations, but the fact that the NSGC holds two brick-and-mortar casino leaves online thrill seekers on the outside (and not quite).

With huge casino halls come huge selections, even wider arrays of bonuses and promotions, exclusivities, all sorts of tournaments or time-limited challenges, etc. So, the offering is quite substantial overall, if you also count the 2,000+ video lottery terminals within Nova Scotia’s borders. Other gambling activities popular among Nova Scotians are Poker Lotto, 6/49 and Pro-Line.

Much like in other gambling jurisdictions across Canada, players have to be at least 19 years old and a resident of Nova Scotia to be eligible for any kind of gambling entertainment. Also

Prevention Measures and Help Programs

Among a plethora of provincial programs, GANS (Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia) has been raising awareness against problem gambling since 1998. Also, more than just awareness has been raised by the non-profit organization.

In a similar fashion to British Columbia and Alberta, GANS has been focusing primarily of collecting and subsequently redirecting gambling-related profits towards the local community for both modernization as well as supporting problem gambling prevention programs. The money used to these effects is collected from the virtual lottery terminals in the form of a percentage that is matched by the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation. As a branch of the government, GANS falls under the Minister of Health and Wellness’ responsibility.

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