Steam to Extend its Title Collection with Grand Casino Tycoon

Steam to Extend its Title Collection with Grand Casino Tycoon

How would you like to design and manage your own casino without the worry of financing such a venture? Thanks to Aerosoft, a prolific publisher of best-selling simulation titles, your dream could come true, and you won’t have to mortgage your home to do it.

Launching soon on Windows PC via Steam is Aerosoft’s latest game, Grand Casino Tycoon. You’re given the opportunity to build your very own casino from scratch, designing all the crucial fixtures and fittings along the way.

Grand Casino Tycoon is a budding casino operator’s dream. It’s not the only casino simulation game out there, but it does look like it’s going to be the most detailed and real world.

The game aims to master the balancing act between turning a profit and providing customer satisfaction.

Design Your Casino from the Floor Up

Using the classic Tycoon game formula, Grand Casino Tycoon lets you take on the persona of a virtual Bugsy Siegel. You’ll be in charge of designing the layout of your sparkling gambling den and also be responsible for keeping a close eye on guests, ensuring their wants, needs, and winnings are correctly managed.

It’s down to you to find that magic middle line that means your customers aren’t winning or losing too much money, the chips keep flowing, and you’re keeping the crowds happy.

The name of the game is making money, and it’s down to you to do everything you can to keep the gamblers gambling and the cash coming in. You get to choose where to place your slot machines and games tables, preferably in strategic locations to maximize traffic. But you also need to make sure everything your punters need is near and close to hand. Make sure, for example, that all the bars and restaurants are easily accessible.

There’s More to This Game Than Just the Design

Designing your dream casino is only part of the fun. You also need to keep a close eye on the players and make sure they’re not winning more than they should. The house, don’t forget, should always win.

To help you pay close attention to your clientele, there are security cameras. Make sure your managers know what to look for and can deal with players appropriately. Nevertheless, it’s a delicate balance because you also want to provide a decadent and thrilling experience for players that want to play big.

Key Features of the Game

This tycoon simulation game is well worth the money you spend because it includes some fantastic features.

  • A “Needs” system: Your casino managers can closely observe guests using an innovative needs system. Use it to create the perfect mood and environment by following and manipulating your guest’s hunger, thirst, spending levels, and much more. Only by creating the best possible environment will you get your guests to part with their hard-earned cash.
  • A robust tech tree: A robust tech tree helps you keep up to date with the latest gambling technology. It’ll allow you to upgrade your casino and its amenities. It’ll also help you increase your casino management knowledge and become the next Steve Wynn.
  • Three modes mean three ways to make cash: Players at your casino get to experience all manner of casino management. There are three modes, and therefore, three ways to make cash, including Campaign Mode, Sandbox Mode, or Free Play Mode.
  • Interior design to the max: Design the perfect layout in your casino, and you’re on to a winner. Choose to include various games such as the classic table games Blackjack and Craps, along with bright and colorful slot machines and roulette.
  • Earn Michelin stars: A successful casino is more than just a place to risk your money. It should also offer an opulent dining experience and tasty cocktails to keep guests spending money and staying longer.
  • Don’t forget about security: You’re going to need some muscle to keep things in order. To help your security guys do their job, make sure you install security cameras, pit bosses, and other “controlling objects.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to run a successful casino, this simulation game from Aerosoft should be right up your alley.    

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