What It’s Like to Play Online Slots in Alberta

What It’s Like to Play Online Slots in Alberta


While online gaming is taking the world by storm, due to the ease of access, huge diversity, overall safeness attributed to strict regulations of the digital gambling world, and complex features and mechanics that have long ago surpassed the bolts-and-nuts machines, the rules differ from one jurisdiction to another.

In Canada, there are a total of 37 gambling jurisdictions and each has its own approach to regulating the practice. Alberta is one of the most successful provinces of Canada and by extension hosts one of the largest online gambling regulatory bodies nationwide – the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission. 

But what does that mean for iGaming afficionados based or passing through Alberta?

The Albertan Approach to Online Gambling

To tackle a highly controversial matter right off the bat, let’s discuss “rogue” casinos a bit. These unlicensed casinos carry the risk of being nothing more but a front for money laundering purposes. This is just one of the major reasons strict regularization is required within the industry. There have been unfortunate cases being reported over the years, but it is safe to assume that the current online gambling climate is safe and transparent due to these mandatory prerequisites imposed on the operators.

In Alberta, not only is the online gambling environment safe, but it is also highly lucrative in regards to charitable efforts. In all of Canada, it is only here where “charitable organizations are licensed to conduct and manage casino events. Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) also licenses charitable organizations to fundraise through bingo, as well as selling raffle and pull tickets” – in their own words.

All Canadian provinces advertise proceedings being returned to the community in one way or another, but would it be wrong to assume that Alberta actually highly encourages gambling within its territory? And if that’s the case, would it be wrong to do so for all the many charitable purposes there are in desperate need of funding? We’ll leave you to be the judge of that. All we can say is that the government has been doing a pretty solid job in respect to turning a risky and sometimes even frowned-upon practice into a humanitarian venture since 2019 (but make no confusion, AGLC was founded back in 1996 – the charitable gaming program is just one of its latest developments).

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission’s Main Duties

The good news so far is that AGLC-regulated casinos have been extremely well-vetted before being opened to the public. But how exactly does Alberta keep its status as one of the safest places in which to engage in gambling activities? There are 8 strong pillars that support the province’s approach to this matter:

  1. Constant overseeing of the proprietary charitable gaming model
  2. Regulating and licensing both land-based and online gaming establishments
  3. Registering the industry’s workforce
  4. Regular check-ups of gambling establishments and the services they offer
  5. Conducting regular audits on charities to ensure gambling revenue is used as intended
  6. Implementing and upkeeping gambling awareness programs (GameSense)
  7. Investigating criminal allegations in regards to the gaming activity
  8. Investing in and maintaining machinery (including lottery terminals, slot machines, electronic bingo and video lottery terminals)

Best of ALL Worlds: Proprietary Online Casino, Offshore Competition AND Land-Based Venues

The good news about getting involved in Albertan gambling does not stop at fairness and transparency. Having maintained such a firm grasp on making gambling in all forms as safe as possible for the locals, it’s only natural that Alberta draws in all kinds of gambling-related activities and businesses.

Offshore casinos reap the most benefits as they bring to the fold impressive game collections spanning hundreds if not thousands of titles. BUT – and it’s a big one because these are not necessarily regulated by AGLC, but by other internationally recognized entities – Alberta has its own online casino, too. Even though it’s not exactly on par with the foreign offering, it comes with promotions and a welcome bonus, (which is more than you can say for other Canadian counterparts).

Also, as we’ve said earlier, Alberta is in charge of upkeeping good practice among land-based cainos and racing centers, as well. Just some of the biggest ones are:

  • Century Downs Racetrack and Casino
  • Casino Calgary
  • Camrose Resort Casino
  • Casino Dene
  • Casino Edmonton

So, if you are an Alberta resident (over 19 years of age), you get to enjoy the best of all gambling worlds here, as choices are plenty!

Get in Touch with AGLC

Well, if the cliché “but hey, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself” ever worked its way naturally in a conversation, this is it.

AGLC offers support though a variety of methods, including an email form under the “Contact Us” section of the official website.

Since the AGLC has been formed through a merger that combined several regulatory bodies into one, you’ll also find a phone line dedicated to the Alberta Cannabis Call Centre. Other than that, there are several physical addresses you could visit or phone numbers you could dial to get directly in touch with the Commission, such as:

  • 50 Corriveau Avenue

St. Albert, AB T8N 3T5

Phone: 780-447-8600

  • 310, 6715 – 8 Street NE

Calgary, AB  T2E 7H7

Phone: 403-292-7300

  • 100, 11039-78 Avenue

Grande Prairie, AB  T8W 2J7

Phone: 780-832-3000

  • 3, 7965 – 49 Avenue

Red Deer, AB  T4P 2V5

Phone: 403-314-2656

  • 655 WT Hill Blvd South

Lethbridge, AB  T1J 1Y6

Phone: 403-331-6500

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